Hey, I'm Jess! 👋

I’m a designer studying Biology and Neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania. I'm passionate about experience design, life sciences, digital health, and behavioral psychology.

I'm currently on a gap semester, exploring new interests and working on personal projects. I'll be posting updates on my blog!

Penn Course Plan

redesigned the entire interface for a tool that helps students plan their courses and create mock schedules

ux design user research

Penn Course Alert

designed a dashboard for managing alerts for course openings and data visualizations for course status history

ux design

Hu Health

designed a site to connect busy patients with dental professionals for in-home dental care experiences

ux design web design

WW Internship 2020

(coming soon) designed and shipped features for WW mobile app and iOS design system

internship mobile design system

DP Housing Guide

led web design and visual identity for the Daily Pennsylvanian's annual housing guide

web dev web design

Anti-Resume Project

designed a site to highlight failures and accomplishments that wouldn’t normally show up on a resume

web design